Fire Base – Porcus

(This journal entry refers to Session #18)

Yeah so…apparently we are supposed to set out for fire base death. There it is. Firebase death. They got catapults, a crap-load of tough damn zombies. Stupid priests of dorcus. And lead skeletons. Ok then.

Well, first off we try and assault the armored zombies who are in formation with reach weapons behind a barricade. I am not sure who thought of that as plan A, but they are no longer the head of tactics of team 13. Assuming of course we even had a plan.

Understandably we got the crap kicked out of us and had to run. Fortunately for us they are slow and dumb. We easily get away, and head back to our camp. After some more desolation annoyances, we make it back. And we decide on a new plan.

The second plan involves range. And of course our foe adjusts appropriately. He sends some soul-eaters after Cassie. Somewhere out there- we have a caster. His ass is next on the pin cushion list. Cassie starts nuking the crap out of their siege equipment, which is sitting right next to an ammo dump. She blows massive craters in the hill. Giant bits everywhere. Meanwhile an unquiet giant is summoned by dickhead the caster.

I have basically poor options to shoot. I can kill one zombie at a time. Goodie. Cant shoot the giant and the priests run out, heal, then run back in, flanked by tower shield users. These guys are just getting too good. So time to adjust tactics. I start casting spiritual weapons. Lots of em. Makes em think twice about running out.

We fight from range for a good amount of time. Pandora sneaks up and burrows her way in to cause chaos. Emma and Zantric slowly approach and draw out the lead skeletons. Stuff starts appearing at range though. Clay golems. Morgues. More undead crap. I will have to adjust next battle to this never-ending tide of garbage. Anselme nukes. Vang nu…err nm he keeps healing.

The melee get in close after dispatching the lead skellies and the zombie formation starts to get attacked by a huge air elemental summoned by Anselme. Another zombie formation comes out. It also is attacked by the whirlwind. Things are not looking good for team porcus. But the sheer number of enemies bogs us down. Enemy after enemy attacks us.

After MINUTES of fighting, we finally kill everything there. Cleansed by the powers of good. Awesome. We will decide our next movement soon. Hopefully it will not be to directly attack an emplaced position of zombies head on.

Peace and Desna

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