Session Logs

The Price of Immortality

Session #1 Descent into the Crypt of the Everflame

Session #2 Echoes of the past, a mission bequeathed and a journey begun

Session #3 Of Hidden Hags, Privateers and a Clash with the Cult of Personality

Session #4 Wherein intrepid adventurers brave a maelstrom to seek their fates in an ancient legacy.

Session #5 Beware the price of greed

Session #6 Wherein centuries-spanning plots are unearthed and a fateful battle is pitched.

Session #7 Escape from the City of Golden Death

The Slumbering Tsar Saga – Part I: The Desolation

Session #8 Spirits laid to rest, titles bestowed and the flight and plight of a dragoness.

Session #9 Of Huntsman, Wedding crashers and Night Harrows.

Session #10 Of Ancient Heroes & Long Lost Plights

Session #11 Of Fallen Kings & Felled Comrades

Session #12 Of Lost Knights & Spirits Sojourned

Session #13 Chaos Rift: Expedition into the unknown

Session #14 Chaos Rift: Aerie of the Gargoyles

Session #15 Chaos Rift: Old Death & The Last Justicar

Session #16 Dead Fields: Morekareth & The Embattled Dwarves

Session #17 Dead Fields: King Kroma & The Reclaimers

Session #18 Dead Fields: Firebase of the Damned

The Slumbering Tsar Saga – Part II: The Temple-City of Tsar

Session #19 Gates of Tsar: Malerix

Session #20 Tsar: Recon & The Blood Pit

Session #21 Tsar: The Cobbler’s Shop

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