From 60 to 0 in less than 6 secon..

(This entry refers to Session Summary 10)

Ok- so we get to the desolation. Kinda sucks. Also sorta neat. We got our encampment on the edge of town. Its its own fort. I am confident the people we have protecting it can more than hold their own. Between the graceful and deadly Iramine, to the barbarian and ranger women, to the guards, I am confident they will be safe while we are away.

We head out, first to the southeast section. I go off to take a leak, and the rest of em get jumped by ghouls. Sometimes I wonder. First a troll when I am away and now this. After some more hours we get to some sort of tomb place. We find an entryway on the edge. We then try everything we can to get it, and no friggin way. Nada. Ziltch. Had to rest so we could cast stone shape the next mornin’

I dream of this spider thing with a human head turning everyone to stone. Not a good omen. So Vang the man and psycho kid stone shape a hole open. The back door has some sort of red mist that is summoning red blood blobs or something. Well as get set up for fighting them, some azers jumps us. I taketo the rear to help heal and buff the party.

Things go bad fast. The floating blood blobs start grabbing Emma and sucking her dry. Shit is hitting the fan, and everyone tells me to start shootin’ So I start shootin! I am able to blow up a blood blob per round, using my anti neutral bane bow. Dumbass fencewalkers. The fight is pretty hard but we manage to get through it. We rest before the next room.

The next room is a chamber with a busted dome. The spider thing is there. He perceives me as the most dangerous as a few arrows sizzle his way. After some cursory spells that don’t do much, I get ready to ice his ass. Lining him up a grey ray comes at…..