Northern Thunder

(This entry refers to both Session Summary 7 & Session Summary 8)

Yo! Hello peeps. Had a fun past few days. It all started after the fallout from the isle of psychos hit full circle. We got back and had to report what happened and all that. Apparently there is a group of baddies that want to rule the world and we gotta put em down. Desna helped me envision what would come if we did nothing. Blood and evil sweeping over the map. Not only nasty looking but unsanitary too. I get a bow, make some rune daggers, learn new pathfinder spells, take Iramine to see the pathfinder higher ups and the scouts of Tamran before we go. Iramine decides to accompany us to happy valley. (aka the desolation)

So now we gotta get a caravan together and scout out this whole desolation area where the city from hell spawned. I always wondered what a city from hell would look like. Now I get to find out! So we get into this debate about what the caravan should be made of. Pandora wants a hellish cave cart. Anselme wants an animal cart. Emma wants carts that make you angry to look at. Vang wants a cart made of tower shields. We decide on a gypsy cart. I guess that had a bit of all of that. Emma wants to name our group something. Gives some good suggestions, but they are not “serious” enough for the 12 bloodthirsty twelve year old.

We decide on a route that takes us through Kassem, Vigil, The hungry mountains and Ustalav. Joy. Least Desna will be on the way and a dwarven wedding. I have heard stories of dwarven weddings. Things about who you wake up next to in the morning and how many bones she broke. We go to Kassem to put the keys away and pick up our battle wagons. The ghosts are ok with us. We get some good information on our objective. We all get boons. I give mine to Iramine.

We then get our caravan. We start out for Lastwall and Vigil. I think I like my gypsy cart. I figure I will build a good archer’s spot on it, with an area to make a ghost blaster tower thing when the caravan gets attacked. Plus I get a good vantage of whats around us. Cant be too careful when you are confronting the forces of hell.

Our merry band then goes into Lastwall. Just before we get there we run across some brigands. They are demanding a toll to cross. They ask for some piddly amount so we give it to them. The poor dudes are just trying to feed their families probably. Little bandido kids and stuff.
We then get to lastwall. We run across a knight looking for a dragon. Right out of a storybook, cept this guy is an arrogant little cuss. Not a bad guy overall, just thinks the crud in his codpiece don’t stink. Anwyays we say we will come back to him after we go to vigil.

At vigil Vangmeister gets a heroes welcome. We all get a big feast and Vang is made a knight. Couldn’t find a more deserving guy. Always has your back. They give him a handmaiden too. How neat is that? A couple of the jealous girls in our group start harping on her with their catty ways. Broads are like that sometimes. Although not as cute as Iramine, she still is ok and I bet she will be an excellent helper in the days to come. So I choose not to bust his balls.

We go back to the dragon thing with superknight. We camp out and an owl visits us saying the dragon is the good guy and the knight is crazy. This causes some debate. Not just because the knight is in fact crazy, but how good is the dragon? Not many dragons are vegetarians I heard. Meat eaters. And a body that big requires alotta meat. So sure enough we find the dragon. With some druids in tow. And some fighters. The knight charges cause that’s what they do and then goes down in a heap. The dragon tries to grab him and I shout out warning him to roll right. He does barely in time.

Now we don’t wanna kill this dragon. There were too many nice peeps saying he was a good sort. But we don’t want the knight to die either. So we intercede. The lion pins him down and forces him to disarm. From this point we talk and reach an accord. The dragon will not kill anyone or eat like crazy and the crazy knight will leave him be. The knight then rides off into the sunset, probably to get consolation from his handmaiden.

The dragon, looking for his ancestors hoard has us help. We find it and the dragon gives us ¼. A large amount for a dragon. We get some good tidbits. The dragon also agrees to accompany us to desolation. We find a teleporter to Ustalav. Some of the fighters from the dragon fight had probably looted some of the hoard, but hey not bad overall.

Our group bids farewell as we start off for Desolation. We get about five feet outside lastwall and learn why lastwall is sort of the place it is. A orc priest blocks our path and orcs and zombies attack! I cast one of my newfound spells and feel the bloodthirst coursing through my veins! Muhahah POWER! I flex and fire my bow with all my force. I shoot the priest right in his Orcus. Some big ettin thing jumps out at everyone else. Suddenly the preist goes invis, all the bows turn at me, and the ettin starts charging. Apparently I pissed off the holy priest of orifice. Slay living is cast on while the ettin casts his version- cave in your head. Well at least they are off my pals. I go invis soon after. We finish them off but not before the priest utters his evil dying stuff. The caravan fights off the zombies. We win. Emma shouts THIRTEEEEEEEEN!!!

Kinda has a nice ring to it. As I start to rest I suddenly feel like knowledge of my newfound spell is stripped from me. As if Desna herself realized how vile a spell it was and forbid me from it. Apparently the pathfinders have forbidden knowledge in their vaults. Will get back to it later.