Mountain of Bones

(This entry refers to Session #17)

So it’s a good day in paradise. Its dark. There are a billion undead round me and I got rain arrows. Time to make it happen.

We are protecting our little hill in hell. I raise some towers. We get in position to start fighting. Apparently we did not even dent the horde earlier. More keep coming. And coming. And coming. Arrow after arrow is fired into the fray. Stuff keeps dropping but new stuff pops up just as fast. Everyone is demolishing crap with fireballs and undead nukes. The towers are blasting stuff to bits.

Later in the fight, a giant mummy appears. Some Halfling mummies jump off him. Vampires roll up. We drop them too. But we are weakening. Tired. Pissed off and exhausted. Some of the dwarves go down but vang brings them back.

Later on some new crap appears. A zombie dragon ridden by the dwarven king himself, also undead. Flanked by two high priests of dorkus. On the other side there is a wizard and some flying casters. They start nuking a bit. Some zombies are pushing a casket. Which is empty when I shoot down two pallbearers. One of the priests tosses up a wind wall. Cant shoot through it. Apparently they have been watching me pretty close. Our dragon pal swoops in to fight. Thankfully she is now good. Makes me feel better. Unfortunately the priest power stun/paralyzes nukes her down. People start eating some massive damage from the dragon, with our dragon down for the count.

Then Emma brings down the wall with her awesome wall slashing ability. She can slay windwalls now! And I can shoot those POS again. Of course I try and shoot a priest and he slaps it away. Apparently they are all going to arrow slapping school. Wonder what the hell that looks like. I would love to be the guy who fires the first few hundred shots at those losers.

I am one man. And I have forced the entire priesthood of a wannabe god to learn how to deflect arrows. Powah of Desna baby!

The fight is a long one. Everyone is again about spent. A lot of fights getting that way now. We tear the dragon up after the wind wall goes down in about two rounds. The dwarf king guy aint so easy. He was pretty determined to beat our asses down. And he was doing pretty good too. He was harming the crap outta people and paralyzing my pals. They were going up and down. They finally all die. For the second time.

We are able to get a quality weapon and some other gear, and the dwarves are happy to finally get their kings remains. We party. Life is good. We head back to camp.

When we arrive we are suddenly at a loss as to how to spend all our time. Some people want to go out next day others want to wait a month. The userer, should just be called “user” says if we can build a wall, he will let us have ours and make us official members. Gee thanks. Why we just roll over to whatever this guy tells us, I will never know. Did I miss something? Are we actually getting something out of his protection? Can I feel free to get drunk and take a leak…oh wait. No I cant. Because the place is full of psychos, monsters and evil adventurers.

So I make plans and break then a few times as we figure out wtf we are doing. We end up staying a week. I get some QT in with Iramine. Send the scouts some care packages. Get a better bow. Pay our people 100g bonus hazard pay each for their time here. Gather up my pathfinder stuff so I can present it and add it to the massive secret pathfinder library.

Then we go out and find druids. Hooray. Druids. I am used to attractive, natural women with flowers in their hair petting cougars and stuff. Getting laid and doing the happy dance. But that is Desna style druids. Apparently every other druid is some sort of freaking xenophobic psychotic weirdo. These freaks do not really change my mind. Although they are kinda on our side, they creep me out. I don’t know what to expect out of them. Anselme gets along great with em. Go figure.

With some evil arsenal hell place next, I leave you. Peace, love and Desna.

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