Update from the front

So the siege on Tsar has been going well. Thirteen has been knocking out outposts and strongholds one at a time. The stairs of darkness have been beaten. The temple of pain has been cleansed. Iramine, the love of my life, was taken but now safely recovers in vigil. I cannot thank my friends enough for everything they sacrificed in the efforts to get her back.

I have been busy since the last time I put in an entry. Amidst the constant fighting, evil, death and vice, I have not been unscathed. There has been a pall that Tsar has placed on me in the past few months that even I cannot completely shake. My dreams are often clouded with visions of twisted creatures. Desna aids me through these dreams but their constant presence reminds me of the constant evil that twists me from within. I hope I am strong enough to see this whole thing through.

Fortunately, my skills have been honed over the past few months. The constant battling against the forces of evil have sharpened my reflexes and given me abilities that aid me to rapidly dispatch the damned and the macabre host that produces them. This has made me a great enemy amongst Orcus’ minions. Often I am cut down in a matter of seconds. Fights are brutal and fast. I only hope I kill enough before I fall to turn the tide. Recently I took to the cloth to assist me in living longer. If I can help Vang, even a little, perhaps we can make it through this.

The fights have not only cost me. My friends have also lost plenty in the conflict. Many have perished, been turned to stone or been twisted apart by the most horrible of magic. It is only by the grace of Desna and her ally Iomedae that we still are allowed to fight. We have lost companions. We have gone mad at times. Thirteen’s banner has almost been wiped out completely. It has taken a strange twist of fate to save us more than once.

After seeing all the bent and broken heroes forgotten for decades, I also have taken it upon myself to make sure those who have fought are remembered for all they have done. Little or no information was available to us when we started the seige. The records were blasted, stolen or simply lost to time. I will do everything I can to make sure that does not happen again. Those poor souls who were deformed, transformed into horrible mockeries of their former selves will be remembered. Those countless armies blasted into oblivion will be acknowledged.

The families of the dead will finally have a place to mourn.

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