One Terrorable Island

(This entry refers to both Session Summary 5 & Session Summary 6)

So today we get to this bridge in the golden city. It is guarded by golden statues. It goes over a river of molten gold. We get there and I start wondering how much we can safely carry. Being the pragmatist I think- “hey- we should figure out this shit beforehand” so we don’t get desperate on the way out. Suddenly I am this greed monster for daring to ask. A whole river of gold and I am a suddenly a sod to some people for simply asking the question-“ what can we carry?”. Any other situation people are ripping orcs’ pants off to see if dey got a spare copper lodged in their crack, but now sitting in front of 5,000 pounds of gold, I might as well be Asmo….well nm. I guess some people like their gold with a particular scent.

I get this feelin we aint gonna have the time to gather it later. Call me crazy, but whole cities of molten gold don’t just give themselves away. We aint been the first ones here, and the ones dat did make it out, didn’t get it all, which leads me to think they had to leave pronto. So to me, we should get it now. Dats a whole lotta mouths that can be fed with that money.
We beat up da statues and get across the bridge. And I put my mark on it.

After that we come across a whole series of not so nice stuff designed to stop us. There is a fire elemental trap we set off twice (once by yours truly after we knew what it was) , a few skeletons, a golden basilisk thing and end the day fighting a golden statue and a golden dragon skeleton bone thing. Was a horrible fight. We almost bit it, but Desna helped guide our hand and saved the day. We got a good amount of loot from a hoard after the bridge, including a sword that contained the soul of the skeletal dragon we just fought. Course I mark the bridge.

Our group of misfits then were blocked at the door on the second ring where an ogre type thing and some archer skeletons guarded the door. We beat them down and of course their arrows were worthless cause someone fireballed em, but hey least their souls were free. I marked it!

We then fought some razmir cultists who jumped us. Poor misguided folk. Some of them went down, but we managed to spare some of em. They let us know their leader Iramine had gone forward and ordered them to jump us. They described her as a bit “off”, and not the usual person they were used to. We let them go back to the ship with their weapons.

Going deeper in we encountered some more traps and found some stuff in the buildings we traveled to. We found a smart hand that liked to help move stuff and a book that let us make magic runes in spots. We eventually get to this golden staircase to the inner chamber of Zin Grafar. Iramine had the key of course so was able to walk right by the golden lava trap. Fortunately for us Pandora was able to get around it. I of course…mark it!

Inside we see a large pit and an inner chamber with a sealed door beyond it. The pit is dark and I fall in while climbing. Not a lot of trees where I come from :/ This dark naga thing rears up to bite me but my friends jump in and help fight it off. After it dies molten gold starts flowing in and melting all the treasure. Fortunately, we get a few things, including a starknife, quiver and inquisitor’s armor, all of which I can use!

As we cross weary from the fight the cultists jump us, cutting the rope to the inner chamber. I down a couple, we save a couple, but we make it across. Through the whole fight this annoying backstab demon thing keep jumping out too. What a bastard.

We open the door to the “inner sanctum” and another trap goes off and Iramine unleashes her magic. The backstab demon thing is with her of course, causing havoc. She unleashes some nasty crap on us aided by the gold scepter made by Tar Booboo, but eventually we manage to subdue her. Our band finds a chest which I touch and set off the molten gold trap. Pandora at this point tell us her life story which happens to include a small detail about a demon prince of undeath hating her mom, her and by proxy…prolly all of us.

Inside we find more stuff. We take the scepter and manage to get Iramine back to her senses and she is pretty upset about all that has befallen her group. We give her the means to defend herself and then start heading out of ZG. I of course…..MARK IT!

First thing we encounter is the dark naga thing again… Stupid evil Tar Booboo keeps making it come back. It blasts us from afar with bolts of lightning. We blast back. It dies…..course not really. Too bad I don’t have time to set it free. When we get outside, I see dark wraith things spreading out to look for us. I cast hide from undead and we head out. Gold starts to rise slowly around us.

We are not able hide from everything however. A golden goat thing we saw earlier sees us. It gets ready to charge and we hide behind a building. It walks on top of it and then charges down at us. It breathes to start and Iron Man Vang gets turned to gold right off the bat. We eventually take down the goat and it provides some golden plates and some horns. One of which summons Booboo Butt’s buddies.

Dodging some more obstacles we notice that the wraiths are trying to track us down. They talk to some dead people and figure out who we are. On the way Emma picks up two of the gold slags. They then lay in wait for us near the gate. Sure enuff there dey are, 500 feet from the exit. Two of em don’t see us, but one directs them to attack stuff in the adjacent spaces as we run by. We just don’t got the muscle to deal with this. So we bob and weave out and Pandora/Anselme take most of the hits. Emma drops one of the piles of gold and picks up Vang and runs. We all run out except for Pandora. She wants to do something that stands out in their memory, so she shoves some light up their moldy asses, then takes the as she goes for the door.
Fortunately for her she has something going where she cant die of health loss. So she gives em the luminary middle finger and leaves.

So outside in the sun, the wraiths cannot get out. We head out before the wraiths get out of the city, towards the beach. I of course mark the door. I hear some whisper saying “you are known”. I answer, “I hope so!” Then…after alllllll the things ive marked get a diatribe about putting us all in danger. Pandora literally just provided a luminary fisting to some ancient guardians, completely unnecessarily, and I get the lecture about being too obvious? We debate it out a bit. I guess I will be less obvious about my markings in the future. But I still gonna do it.

We get to the beach and pull out our boat. The negative storm is whipping all around. We are getting out all too soon. Rowing to the boat we don’t like the looks of things. Up the coast Anselme sees an evil boat up the coast? How do you do an alignment check on a boat? Hint: It involves spikes and human bodies embedded on em.

Our boat aint much better. Bodies litter the top deck and signs of fitin’ are heard below. We go down and see people below decks havin it out. There is a wolfman, a shadow demon and some cultists on the captain…..yes a shadow demon. The wolfman sees us and runs, casting time stop…..yes time stop….to get away. Other parts of the adventuring crew are scattered about, bleeding. Anselme heals a couple to save em and we eventually force the demon to flee and the cultists to go nite nite.

But this aint the end of it. Now we gotta go boat hoppin. It seems that the adventuring party was betrayed. They were going after some Phylactery and the sorcerer and Mercutsio took it and went to the evil boat. You had to know a guy named Mercutsio would do something like that. What kind of faerie name is that? Even the king of prancing elves think he needs his man card revoked.

There is debate as to whether or not the orc is part of the plan. We go over and see 3 beyonders on deck along with 30 skeletons. Some of whom are tough mothers. Not like panzy ancient fragile skeletons. We go to find out the likelihood of getting the orc out, and Pandora gets brave. Going up the anchor chain she looks in on wolfman talking with some evil dudes. There is some stitched guy in the corner too. That cant be good. Anyways, she discovers more details on the plot, and apparently these guys are here to loot Zin Grafar. I use my power to look in the hold and see a cerebus doggie guarding…someone…maybe an orc.

We get back to our boat and a loooooooong discussion goes on about whether or not we should go after the orc. We are split 50/50 or close, and we decide initially to go, and when we wake up the next morning, we decide not to. The main kink in the plan is that we have no effective getaway. A rowboat just aint gonna cut it. Pandora disagrees, but goes along with the group in the end. We head home regretfully without the orc.

Upon getting back to Tamran, the pathfinders debrief us. We tell em everything that went on in Zin Grafar. They let us know that they are making preparations for an expedition to tsar to find out what is going on. I get a dream about the city of Tsar rising up from hell and with a series of alliances, consuming Golarion. Not good stuff.

The pathfinders let us know of a plan to scout Tsar out and see what Orcus is up to. They have tried larger forces, but until this point were unsuccessful. They propose we scout the surrounding lands first, as they might hold clues to tsar and perhaps give us some more muscle when we choose to take it on.

We then break up as we prepare for Tsar. I buy a new bow with my gains among other stuff. On the top of my mind tho, is Iramine. She seemed a bit despondent, understandably so at her recent string of misdeeds. Upon giving her some gold to get back on her feet, I let her know that if she would have us, she would make an excellent pathfinder. Using my clout I vouch for her with da guild and they let her in. I then introduce her to the Tamran survival club for kids and try to remind her what she is fighting for, and give her my kassen’s boon, something I hope she would appreciate, as she knew him for some time before he passed. She now insists on going with us to Tsar and although she would make an excellent helper for us there, I am concerned. It is one more person I have to make sure comes out of dis mess…alive.