Me Talkin’ (Part II)

(This entry refers to Session Summary 4)

So after I get back from helpin the kids, I go to Tamrin to find out the rest of the party burned the city down while being “covert”. Apparently they had to fight some cultists of Razmir who started to not buy they were with the program. Too bad for the cult of Razmir.

Still, they were too late to get some dumb razmir broad who thought it would be a good idea to go to go the isle of terror and visit the city of golden death and probably piss off some sleeping god. Is this what cultists are all about? Pissing off random powerful being who were probably banished for a good reason?

So we find out we are a few days behind this ditz, and we get a boat to go after them. Coincidentally there is a boatman mad enough to go there. There are some rather shady people, even by my standards who also are going to the island. All of them evil or crazy. After debating whether which of us was crazier, and if they would take enemies’ heads and put them on a pike, we set sail.

Before we go I have a dream of some headless captain attacking us. And Desna is right again. Sure enough, some undead captain guy in a hovering boat jumps us. The other group of nutjobs stays on our boat while we go and attack the captain. We go from the bottom of the boat upwards and eventually reach the top, fighting our way through ghouls and wet mummies.

At the top we fight the captain who is not nearly as tough as the stupid frost ghost thing is that came before him. We win in a tough fight. Then we get the loot, which was hotly contested. The drow chick wanted the armor, belt and something else and others wanted various things. A long debate ensued and after a staring match, I was awarded the armor. She seems to think I will not use it, but we differ on it. Still she hopes for my death so she can strip me and see me naked. She will not be the first or the last.

We then reach the island of flaming golden death. We fight some fucked up dogs and some fucked up lizard guys en route. We get there and find out super ditz has already opened the door and set a timebomb in motion that will result in the entire city getting flooded with molten gold.

This gets me thinking about how to scrape gold off the walls for some bling. Will write more soon.

Peace and desna