Entry #127

(This entry refers to Session Summary 4)

Entry #127

So in the time I spent resting up from the big fight with the Razmirans, the rest of the group managed to flip the loot from the cult (I don’t think anybody’s going to seriously consider them a church anymore) and secure a ship to take us to the Isle of Terror. I spent the morning cutting off that brand I’d been given (ouch!) and paying off my debts to the Society. Reginar commended me for a job well done, and offered a few pointers to help me, like, more effectively use my innate talents and stuff.

It turns out that for being a bunch of doomsday cultists, the Razmir guys are scaredy cats and took a safe route to the island, and if we took a more direct route straight through some crazy magic storms and stuff we’d be able to catch up. Three guesses as to what we ended up doing.

We ended up getting a boat along with Kai and her crew. And get this, the captain… WERESHARK! I tried, but like I never had an opportunity where he was yawning or something and I could “accidentally” trip and fall on his mouth or something.

Luckily the promises of danger and excitement from taking the direct path weren’t lies, because we got attacked by a ghost ship! I was sleeping when it attacked, so I had to help mow down a bunch of zombies before I could join the rest of the guys on the other side, and the very first thing I ran into (after this mummy that didn’t really count, ‘cause bandages are really easy to cut through) was an ogre cook who knocked me clear across the room! I couldn’t get up in time to help bring him down, which annoyed me, and then Zantric used some of the worst grammar ever and that really hit a nerve, so I plowed ahead to try and take out what Brother Vang later told me was a whore spirit. I guess when you’re a paladin you get really good at spotting whores and stuff?

We got on the main deck, and Ghost Captain Punster called for all hands on deck, so a bunch of HANDS started to crawl around. There was a huge one that was being particularly grabby, so, like, I hacked off a finger and it left me alone. Also it stopped moving. That whore ghost was being especially annoying, but luckily Cassandra was able to blow her up with magic, and Zantric and I double-teamed the captain while Pandora secured the ship. I was hurt as hell, and the fight looked over, so I kind of passed out after that.

After another night of getting patched up, we finally made it to the Isle of Terror! Things weren’t too bad though, the first thing we met were a bunch of cancerous wolf things that charged us, and we beat all of them down in like five seconds. It probably would have been enough to have taken out the pack leader, but five seconds isn’t nearly enough time to have a discussion on holding back and stuff.

While making our way deeper into the island, we found something I never expected- another member of the Society! He’d been missing since before they found me, so I didn’t recognize him much, but even though he was crazy there was something of his training that no amount of madness could shake. He was really grabby when I showed him my Wayfinder, but Pandora was nice enough to let him use hers; at least she can see in the dark without it.

Oh, and how’s this for some bull- out of nowhere, one of those storms struck me while we were walking. Clear sky, I’m surrounded taller people and people wearing a lot more metal than me (I traded up for some studded leather after this, it’s more comfy, and hopefully less lightning prone), and I’m the one to get hit! My hair was all sticking up in crazy directions, hopefully it settles down soon.

We found more evidence that a bunch of the Razmiran’s had a fight with some lizardfolk, and Meryk noticed that we were about to be ambushed as well in time for us to get ready. They were using some nasty poison, but I think we’ve gotten a long stronger after our time in the cult because the fight was over really quick, and I think they would have kicked our butts just, like, a week or two ago. We’re all getting pretty awesome, I think.

Oh, speaking of awesome… we finally got to the center part of the island, and got to some giant doors. There’s a whole underground city, so the Society’s gonna want to hear all about it, which is cool. It’s full of gold, which is totally awesome. That gold is all hot and melty, and according to some writing we found on a wall next to a map-mural it’s going to flood the whole place in three days and totally ruin the day of anybody who’s still inside. I guess we should get out of here before then. But I wish we had somebody who could paint, and that he had like a hundred shades of yellow and orange to try and show other people what an entire city coated in gold looks like.

I think Anselme was drooling a bit. I should probably talk to Leone and make sure his buddy doesn’t go diving into a pool of gold or whatever. That’d be bad.

Here’s hoping somebody gets a chance to read about this, because that would mean this journal didn’t burn up in a tidal wave, so hopefully I haven’t either. Also, who are you, and why are you reading this? Unless it’s Gus or somebody I let read it, in which case: Hi! I bet you’re jealous I got to go visit a gold city, huh?

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