Behind the Screen

This section of the site covers a somewhat looser review of preparation and campaign notes for Let Sleeping Tsars Lie–from adjusting and rebuilding material to suit it more to our story or to accommodate the larger party, I’ll share some of the thought processes, reasons and mechanical breakdowns of the things that went into the campaign overall.  If you find segments here interesting or would like to know more about more specific facets, let me know and I’ll work to accommodate!

Let Sleeping Tsars Lie begins with the Price of Immortality trilogy of modules, kit-bashed and retooled heavily with 3PP supplements and material tie-ins to the Slumbering Tsar Saga–the endgame destination from the beginning of our story and, at the time of this writing, where our intrepid adventurers have now begun to tread.

Campaign Backdrop:

Our story begins with an assembly of characters in the town of Kassen’s Hold in Nirmathas.  A struggling country which has only recently escaped the grasp of an imperialistic master, Nirmathas finds itself trapped in constant war with the nation that seeks to reclaim it.  Its people, proud of their newly gained freedom, try to maintain normal lives while still being ever ready to fight off the imperial advances of their southern neighbor Molthune.

Situated on the Tourondel River in the Fang Wood of Nirmathas, Kassen’s Hold is a small town which was founded by Ekat Kassen, a former adventurer; given its location, Kassen (as it is more commonly called) serves as a stopover for those traversing the river and transporting goods.

While war holds between Molthune and Nirmathas, to the north stands Lastwall–a nation founded with the singular purpose of keeping watch over the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon, imprisoned deep beneath a mountain complex known as the Gallowspire.  Lastwall stands as a neutral party in the wars which surround it–while standing vigilant against the savage hordes in the hold of Belkzen at its side.

Further still to the north lay Ustalav and Mendev–before one finds near to the peak of the continent the terrifying Worldwound.  Countless mercenary companies gather throughout these nations to fuel ever-mounting conflicts while seeking wealth and renown–while the fourth crusade builds in the northern reaches as something terrible begins to stir beyond the barriers of the wardstones…

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