Meryk hails from Rahadoum’s capital Azir. Most of his life he was raised to hate the religious orders that helped cause so much destruction so long ago. Schools preached a watchful eye and constantly strove to drive even the faintest hint of religious knowledge from their pupils. In fact he was 13 when he even knew gods existed anywhere….at all. At this age, Meryk first encountered someone bearing the taint of religion. He was not sure who he was but he made the dire mistake of trying to sneak religious material into Azir. Meryk was not sure who he worked for or what he was trying to bring in, but watched as the man was slowly flayed in public, then bathed in salt. What fascinated Meryk was that the man never wavered, never blinked. Even as his flesh was being peeled off, he stood fast, looking first to the sky. Then at Meryk.

Staring at Meryk for what seemed an eternity, the man shed a single bloody tear and then fell into unconsciousness. Meryk never was the same again. His school noted a drastic change in attitude and gradually Meryk started to chafe at the boundaries Azir’s schools imposed on him. He started debating whether Rahadoum’s policy was healthy and for years mentally started to free himself from Rahadoum’s taint.

When he was 19, a final act pushed him over the edge. Jenna. A childhood friend since they started school, Meryk over time grew quite fond of her. As Meryk developed, he longed to see the world, to explore the mysteries of the soul and of the heavens. Jenna was the one reason he did not leave.

Then the blood-mist plague hit. Know one knew where it came from, but one day a dark red mist flooded the streets of Azir. This mist brought death and misery. Azir was no stranger to plagues, but no herbs helped its victims. People dropped by the dozens over a fever that strangely forced its victims to cry blood before they died.

Meryk had recently had become aware of a priest of Iomedae secretly residing in the city. When the plague hit, those few who knew her brought their families to her hideout and in quick order she was discovered. As she was being dragged away, they blamed the blood plague on the priest and executed her in short order, even after she had cured people of their ailments. Jenna was in her home when the priest was captured. She didn’t make it.

Meryk had become a gifted archer and started to take matters into his own hands. He assaulted a guard, almost killing him before he was forced to flee. Fearing reprisals, his family smuggled him out of the city, sending him to the cult of Iomedae in Botosani. The priests listened to his story, and shipped him off far away to Nirmathas to train. In Nirmathas he caught on with a small group of freedom fighters working under a Cleric of Desna.

In Nirmathas Meryk honed his fighting skills, learning firsthand the power of friends, faith and freedom. He was made an inquisitor, a religious fighter working to liberate those who would imprison others body, soul or mind.

Meryk currently preaches choices and works against anyone who would deprive people of those choices. Although he believes in consequences and law to a degree,Meryk knows people need to be able to decide their own fate. He walks Golarion, hungry to fill the void of knowledge, spiritual nourishment and bodily pleasures he was denied for so long. And someday he will go home to the kingdom of man…

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