Entry #133

(This entry refers to Session Summary 11)

Entry #133

So once we were done with Argos’ tomb (more of a bedroom technically, but whatever), we decided to try to make it back to camp before nightfall and failed miserably. It fell upon me to carry Meryk back to the Camp, but luckily Anselme still had one of those awesome spells that lets you carry a whole bunch more stuff, so I wasn’t slowing anybody down. Still, not fast enough.

The sky had just turned black when Pandora’s screaming let me know that something was up. Remember those awful wraith things from Xin-Grafar? One of THOSE had swooped down on her, trying to suck out her life force and junk. We gathered together, and realizing that I can’t really engage a flying guy who can swoop in for a hit and then fly up above us in one swift motion, I opted for my bow instead. I haven’t been using it too much mostly because it feels really silly to just be flinging sticks when Meryk’s next to you just exploding stuff, but as he was a chunk of rock tied to my backpack I didn’t have much choice, did I?

The ghost started to swoop out further up so I couldn’t get a bead, but Cassandra was able to cast a spell to light it up. So it dived down into the sand to wait out the magic.

Man, I hate fighting ghosts.

Luckily, we had a plan. After it had fallen into a pattern of poking up to touch people, Anselme had a spell to move a whole bunch of dirt out of the way (I guess that’s how he gets rid of the bodies…), and a whole bunch of us started to just lay into him, but it wasn’t enough to put him down or dissipate him or whatever. He ducked underground again, so my eyes were cast downward when he smacked me on the back of the head. Again, I was standing purely on temporary magic and sheer willpower.

Cassandra tossed some more glitter at it, and this team when it went underground we ran for our lives. It came after us again, but we were able to see it before it could catch us and we gave it one more volley; this time it seemed to get the idea and leave us alone. Brother Vang kept me from dying, which of course I always appreciate.

Walking into town, we noticed that the guy who’d been hanging from the lone tree in the camp was missing just in time to notice it lunging his noose at Cassandra. We all moved to surround the guy and free her, but once in a while Cassandra deigns it worthy to use more than 10% of her power and blew him to dust with a gesture. Wearily we put our weapons away, and continued to make our way to the Chapel of the Dying Light to meet Father Death.

Turns out Father Death is a pretty good-natured (for a hobgoblin) guy with a macabre streak and a penchant for face paint. I was expecting a lot worse with a name like “Father Death,” and he appreciated my frequent flirtations with oblivion, so I won’t mind working with him. I won’t want to have to do it often, because if we need anything from him it means something will have gone terribly wrong, but at least I won’t mind his company as we’re getting his services.

We spent the next day lounging by the oasis, getting magically fixed up, and going into town shopping. A bunch of us got backscratchers, but I opted for a fruit juicer with a skull on top! Brother Vang says the juice it makes is Evil with a capital E, but it tastes so sweet… so seductive… besides, what harm can come from juice? I also grabbed a tiny box… that unfolds into a chariot… that unfolds into a CARRIAGE! This way we can carry more stuff, the magic types and/or injured don’t have to walk if they don’t want to, and I can get an a great endurance workout while we’re traveling. Everybody wins!

The day after that, we decided to make our way to the barbarian burial mounds somewhere in the northeast corner of the Ashen Wastes. It was quick going while we were heading along the roads (even if Pandora wished we’d made our way through the Crossroads at midnight… no sense in that girl, sometimes), and we managed to find the place in the first area we searched! I think Gus’ll be happy to hear about that.

We saw a bunch of giant black birds (Anselme said they’re dread ravens) on top of the mound, but they didn’t seem to want to cause trouble, so we made our way inside. And by we I mean Pandora. And by made our way inside, I mean she took one peek and then scrambling out of there so fast she almost did a backwards somersault. There was a basilisk inside! I decided to take point, because if anybody could withstand the dreadful gaze of the basilisk, it’s me, right? So I charged right in, and…

And then I’m looking down the hall to everyone all beat to hell, standing next to a dead basilisk. Oh. Meryk was right, it DOES feel like you’ve just traveled into the future instantly.

After everyone else had healed up from that, I knocked down a weakened part of the wall and Pandora took point again. This time, she made it halfway down a passage before a horrible worm struck out from a crevasse and dragged her back in! Everyone charged back in and began to engage a worm in a further crack while I wiggled my may through the hole (much easier with that spell that Brother Vang gave me) to try to pull Pandora free.

I heard the commotion behind me, including the sound of Cassandra being pulled into the second worm’s lair, and Meryk unleashing point destruction, but I focused on my job, and finally managed to pull Pandora out of the way and get her out to Brother Vang for healing. Then a bunch earth elementals and me charged back in and mud-hole stomped the bastard! High fives were exchanged by all present, and I decided to save Vang some trouble by popping Pandora’s arm back into her shoulder joint. She looked like she was going to faint, so maybe I’ll try to be a bit more gentle next time.

The next room was marked by a bear’s shadow. I don’t mean there was a bear and something giving off light, I mean another damn ghost! Luckily Pandora and I were able to get on either side and pummel him into mere darkness, but not before Meryk and I got swiped a few times.

We’ve decided to rest up a bit before going any further, so I put the carriage in front of the room going forward, blocked up the passage from the basilisk’s room (hopefully the local wildlife will be wary about coming in here for a while, still), and decided to take some time to update this here journal. I’d be fibbing if I said I weren’t excited about tomorrow. Like, we’re surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of dead barbarians! If there’s anything in there ready to fight us, it’s going to be strong as hell. I can’t wait!

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