Been a while.

(This entry refers to Sessions 13 through 16)

Well. Its been a long time. Been doin’ a lot of work clearing out this toilet called the desolation. Since I started walking again, some crazy caravan guy convinced us to go north and check out the chaos rift.

Place was a big mess. Fought some hydra thing at a gap in a bridge. Fixed it, but then decided to keep heading north and see is we got attacked. After some random crap, we get to a lift and frick and frack let us down after we agree to buy them a damn castle. Yeah. They twist a winch and they get a friggin’ fort. I would love to deal with us if I was a monster.

So we get to the bottom and then head west. We come across a cave with a bunch of statues. Fantastic art. Beautiful work. Too nice. Time for DESNA POWAH. We go in, and apparently I got turned to stone again. Lights out on Desna Powah I guess. I hate crap that does that. We then think about going deeper, and apparently everyone else chickened out and ran. Pandora wanted to go in of course. Cause she iz crazy.

Anyways we fight a few random undead. Very rough. We find a baby rattle with teeth. We try to find where the margoyle things are and come across this lake. I want to walk underwater. They want to walk on it. A long argument starts up. We walk on it and climb up to their place. Goodie.

We then get jumped by a ton of margoyles. They die. A lot. But they keep comin. Eventually we start talking. And they stop dyin’. They agree to give us the body of the guy who was in the caravan and one item from their treasure hoard. Awesome. We all pick some containers. We get some good money. And we get some allies against our arch-enemy Porcus.

Ok now we head out. We hear about this place that has some tomb of a justicar or something. We go there to help bro vang and see whats up. We clear the place out. Fight some monsters. Un-corrupt an angel. Establish a contact and rest area here in the rift.

From here we decide to go ……back to the cave. It is the lair of Old Death we discover. This time it looks like he is more ready for us. We approach his cave and he dares us to approach. Party time. Anselme of all people goes in first. Some caster dude is also in the place. They blast us, try to turn a couple of us to stone. A long fight starts. Old Death finally goes down. The weasel caster guy gets away. We clear out the place.

Then we go back to the lift and build a fort for the trolls. But not before we fight this anti-hero monk teleporting beast thing. Which completely kicks the crap outta us. With most of the party dead or dying, I shoot him with a teleport bolt and he goes by-by. We are able to save everyone.

We then head back to the camp. There are crows waiting for us. We of course leave before we get rewarded from the caravan guy. Apparently dwarves are in trouble so we gotta go. I do give Lady Iramine a tiara and a tooth from Old Death. We spend a good part of the night talking about dreams, life and everything that we continue to fight for. We depart the next day.

Apparently the dwarves are digging up bones of a dwarf super dude. They take it pretty seriously. We find out they are under siege, and pretty much we start hunkering down for the big upcoming fight. A t-rex skeleton starts it off along with a bunch of crazy skeletons. We dispatch ’em but they keep coming. And unlike the Margoyles. I know they will keep coming. And coming. Some giant kin are let loose on us. But we drop ’em. A few dwarves go down. We hear more coming in the night…..hopefully we can hold out.

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