Greetings from the frozen north, and welcome to a foray most strange into the realms of role-playing and review!  I’ll be your host in this humble nook of the net, and throughout forthcoming entries would like to share with you a variety of stories, experiences and bouts of brainstorming. Who in the blazes am I?  Just a curious, at times fairly wordy fellow (for better or for worse) with a passion for stories, writing and role-playing among other hobbies; I began with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in the day and have explored and enjoyed a great many games in the interim.

From Paranoia to Palladium, I’ve had fun experiencing different mechanics, settings and styles of storytelling; I’ve run and played in numerous campaigns over the years in myriad flavors (some a great deal of fun, some awful as can be)–be they second, third or fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons or other directions, such as World of Darkness, Rifts, Spycraft, or even such boggling extremes as PDQ versus GURPS–it’s been a fun ride and a long learning experience.

These games have ranged all sorts of environments from the typical to the strange, be they basements or friendly local gaming stores, forum-based PBP or virtual table-tops; I say all this not as any sort of vie for measurement, but simply to stress that I like to pursue much in the way of venues and variety and always look forward to something new. With kind encouragement and nudging from several friendly sorts, I am finally taking the plunge with high hopes and a pocket full of dreams.

All this said, here we are–hopefully with a modicum of interest piqued and an open mind.  My plans at present are such:

Currently, I’m engaged in a running a few different games (some juggled, as time avails)–but for now, the focus here will be a pair of Pathfinder games–online, via VTT and voice chat–and offline, in a rather frightfully large group with seven players (more on the foibles and challenges presenting a campaign for such a headcount as we go!)

Here I will relay a steady collection of session recaps for ongoing Pathfinder campaigns (the most sizable of which sallies forth to the daunting Slumbering Tsar Saga,) offer thoughts along the way and share my efforts and experiences of working under the hood for both virtual and physical tabletop role-playing.  As well, I will offer my reviews on a variety of interesting third-party supplements for the Pathfinder RPG and other gaming niches that others may be keen on exploring.

It is my hope that folks will enjoy reading about our adventures together, that current or prospective GMs might enjoy and benefit by way of shared perspectives, that friendly discussion might lend inspiration and that in the end–you might enjoy the stranger stories and sojourns of strangers across this peculiar space!

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