Tsar – Step One

(This entry refers to Session #21)

Life is good. Dragon is dead. Got teeth. Yo. So after all that we decide to try and see if we can find a way into the City of Tsar. Fantastic. I am thrilled to meet Jarontas Amakiir who followed me from Tamrin. Apparently she is also good with the bow and wishes to lend a hand in the asskicking of evil. Good for her. Could use more happy people around.

Tsar itself is a huge tiered, imposing crappy city filled with screwed up ugly undead and their demon controllers. There are some holes in the walls left by multiple wars. Apparently douche nugget does not believe in construction undead. Swamp covers a good section of one wall while some siege damage exists in other places.

We fly, blink, climb or burrow our way inside. The undead are slow to react to us. Three kinds tend to be around. Blobs of skin called sandmen. Bone dudes. Muscle men. All ripped from the same body. Apparently this is an efficient way to do things in Tsar. One body three undead.

Anyyyyways, they are slow to move. We get in via cloud run or whatever its called. We decide to check out the amplitheater…well because why not. There is this raised dias with a huge platform and some dead dwarf with a belt. We touch the belt and the whole place fills with blood. Some blood worms try to get us but we run with the belt. Apparently that is not supposed to happen that way cause we cheated or something. The belt felt sad. What eva!

We then decide to go back to camp, and we relax and decide our next move. The cart guy comes back and forces us to buy a bunch of crap again and spouts his wisdom at us. Worth the buy. We find out about statues that are needed to make Orcus’ citadel appear among other things. For some reason we want that to happen? We also talk to a small horde of adventurers that come into the camp. Let em know we are looking for statues. We will see where that gets us. Hell, I say we just hookup the Klantok advantage. He prolly has em all mapped out.

The next step is our approach. We figure that it sucks flying all the way from camp and back. So we need a forward outpost. Queue going back into crazed shiny golem land.

We get there and get ready. The plan is for me to try and use the pauldrons to control it to start out with. I jump out and say hello and am greeted with a sickly green ray. I dodge it with my fantastic skills and go to the back of the group. Then they all leave me, but I get out before it goes around the corner. A tough fight erupts. This thing aint easy to take down, but we manage to slowly beat it up. Our forward base is now complete.

With that finished we start to head into Tsar. We go to this smith place, and thoroughly kick the ass of everyone inside. We just blow em up. Some dumb gargoyle, a extra planar bonemsith guy, snake bone things. All fried. Even Vang was blasting holy caps in asses. Was awesome. We got some stuff and thoroughly trashed the place like a group of orc bards would trash an elf inn. Life is good.

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