The Little Things

(This entry was written when Meryk was absent for Session 3)

Sometimes the little things are what count. Looking up from the small river barge, Meryk, scanned the coastline. Today he was looking not only for enemies but was attuning his eyes closer to the forest’s edge. Seeing a particularly good sample of what he was looking for, Meryk requested the captain move a bit closer to the bank of the river. Jumping off the barge, he landed in the river muck along the edge, must to the delight of some of his companions who wondered why he decided to get off the barge.

Meryk, with some leather pouches then set eyes on what he was searching for, a patch of dogstink mushrooms. Based on what the captain had said, collecting these would be necessity in the upcoming battles with the Mols. He could keep up with the barge on foot, sometimes having to run at spots, as the river was not particularly swift. But everywhere he gathered more of the disgusting looking fungus, reeking of an god awful stench. A stench that made him more than worthy of being a castoff from the barge.

In his forays Meryk managed to gather a good deal of dogstink, and nightly would work the mushrooms into a dark paste. At night, Meryk slept and much to his surprise, he did not get the usual dreams about horrible monsters and evil creatures. Rather, he had a different vision. Gods and immortals are long term planners and thinkers, and dogstink, as disgusting as it was, was part of that equation.

When he first started getting the new dreams he was three days out of Tamril by barge. Gathering mushrooms over the past few days, he had gathered a great deal of paste. He then began to get a list together. Fishing Line, Knife, Leather Cloak, Waterskin…. They would all be needed.

Upon arriving in Tamril, Meryk bid a brief farewell and promised to be back in time for castoff back to Kessen. He had a lot to do in a short period of time. Going into town he made his first stop to a general supplier. He got a collection of small backpacks, and began filling them with fishing line, hooks, a waterskin, a knife and an assortment of other supplies. They had to be durable, considering what was riding on them.

He then made his way to a metalsmith he trusted on a more personal matter. Taking a mask, he requested it be fashioned slightly differently, allowing goggles to be added, and taking off the distinct markings that made it a tool of a cult.

Meryk also left a note at the temple for his companions, to send a message to the temple 6 hours before they planned to depart so they could find him in the forest.

Meryk then taking his set of backpacks, made his way to the local temple of Desna. There, he met the local priest and his charge for the next few days, a group of youth. These youth, sons and daughters of those who fought and died defending Tamril, may once again be called upon to do their duty in the upcoming conflict. That duty was to survive. It was to pass along to others the means and tactics necessary to keep the fight up.

For generations Nirmathas trained it youth on how to survive. Why he was picked this time he was not sure, but Desna worked in her own ways and he never questioned her calling. Still, The mols most recent strategy of making werewolf legions particularly concerned Meryk and as they adjusted, so must Nirmathas.

Taking the group of 16 into the woods was not an easy chore. Some were tired, bored or simply scared. Many times Meryk had to stop and allow the kids to rest before the clearing. But eventually reach the clearing they did.

Meryk then proceeding to carry out his mission: train. He was not sure how many kids listened or cared but train them he did. Fishing, hiding, basic survival herbalism, and most importantly, use of dogstink. If the Mols were up to what he thought they were the dogstink would make it much harder for the kids to be tracked. After each day they returned to the temple, learning a bit more with each outing. Hopefully one or two may get some bit of information that would save their life.

Each day Meryk slept well. First time he did in some time…