Brother Vang Tanvor

Brother Vang was rescued from his parents as an infant, during a secret raid conducted by The Knights of Ozem. His parents belonged to a cult of devil worshipers. Who unlike most of their Chelaxian neighbors could not “control” the forces with which they dealt becoming thralls to the devils they summoned. This cult ordered it’s followers to infiltrate and destroy the surrounding “good” churches from within. One of these “missionaries” was captured, confessing the cults plans. This information was made known to The Knights of Ozem, as it concerned the Worldwound. Brother Vang was the first born male of his father a low level politician of Cheliax, and priest of the cult. His mother was the first of many anonymous female cultists that his father had had his way with. Vang being the first born male was due to be sacrificed to the cults Devil lord. The Knights of Ozem’s “covert” raid on the cultists grotto was almost a complete failure which ended in an explosion of magic and sewer gas that destroyed several buildings and seemed to shake all of Cheliax. Only two of the knights survived the ordeal.

Brother Vang was brought up in an orphanage in Vigil the capital city of Lastwall. He doesn’t remember much about his early life save for vague nightmares and a general distrust of Chelaxians. He spent most of his free time from the orphanage at the temple with the knights who rescued him. These knights sponsored his acceptance to the temple of Iomedae. He began his formal priest training at age eight, making him one of the youngest ever accepted. It was at this time that his rescuers started to open up to him more. He began to learn the traditions and history of The Knights of Ozem. The young acolyte was particularly intrigued by the story of Arazni, Aroden’s first herald. How she was stolen away by the necromancer Geb, and her remains defiled by the curse of un-death. Vang thought this an affront to the church, and even more so to the order. He became obsessed with undead, and excelled in his studies of them. His studies revealed others on Golarion who manipulated negative energy for their own personal gain. These men in their selfishness becoming conduits though which the negative energy plane maintained it’s unnatural, and damaging presence on this world. Among these the immortal enemy, and charge of the Knights of Ozem Tar-Baphon. Locked away in his prison of Gallowspire. Someone had to stand watch. Evil seemed to be crawling out of every unattended crack and crevice of the planes.

Brother Tanvor knowing this volunteered himself for service with the Knights of Ozem as a field medic at age fourteen. It was a shock when he was quickly deployed out of desperate need to the front lines of a battle-zone. The action was an effort to destroy and hold back a veritable army of demons that spilled forth from the Worldwound. There, he witnessed the horrors of the Abyss, and of war. Little attention was paid to Gallowspire, and it’s prisoner during this conflict. He realized during his studies of Tar-Baphon one reoccurring theme. The necromancer’s unending persistence. The Worldwound was taxing more and more of the orders time and resources. Tar-Baphon was being provided with a perfect time to strike.

He endeavored to petition the order to not forsake their duties at Gallowspire, for those of the Worldwound. The young cleric passionately sighted many historic proclamations and prophecies, but in the end. The order was too concerned with what was, to worry about what could come to pass. Vang could see it in his nightmares. Iomedae’s finest flanked between two armies. Tar-Baphon’s newly risen necropolis cutting of their supply lines, and on the other side the endless hoards of the Abyss. Vang’s petition was compelling enough to earn a compromise. The knightly order would allow the young cleric of Iomedae to take his leave of the field of battle to further research this possibility. Brother Vang knew that he had learned all there was to learn at the temples and libraries of Vigil. Any further proof would have to be found on the road. His journeys lead him to an inn in Kassen in neighboring Nirmathas, which is where our story begins.


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