Entry #125

(This entry refers to Session Summary 2)

Entry #125

Okay, zombie rot is officially the nastiest bug I’ve ever managed to catch. Why can’t I ever just get the flu or something?

After we killed a bunch of frogs (squish) and skeletons (crunch), we back tracked a bit and took out a room full of zombies that popped like those weird mushrooms that grow in dry regions, the kind I like to flick to see all that stuff poof out of them. I’m pretty sure some got in my mouth when I was screaming bloody murder. Oh Gorrum, there was this giant spider thing that jumped right out at me right after, it was awful. You’d think one of these guys would try to be, like, a gentleman or something and help, but I don’t remember anything but closing my eyes and swinging away as nasty legs were all over me. Ugh.

Everybody headed back to the village, but I was already feeling sick to my stomach and didn’t want to hold them back or puke on their shoes or anything. Besides, after meeting my first GHOST, I figured maybe this Kassen guy should get his tomb properly mapped out, catalog the historical stuff we found and took (Pandora got a sword made from sunlight, seems weird for a Drow but whatever) and some of his better engravings etched even if it’s relatively new. Not everybody gets to be a ghost who tells people to save the world, after all.

When I wasn’t puking and able to sleep, I had that weird dream again in the time before words. I was hiding from some new things that had come into my place, but they had food and junk so I tried to get close. Then something snapped up out of the ground, and my leg was pretty much destroyed. I tried to pull myself free, but those jaws wouldn’t let go, and I started to cry. Then the Man in Metal seemed to come out of nowhere, and walk over me. I thought he was going to finish me, but he started screaming, louder than anything I’d ever heard. The sound went through me, shook my bones, and filled me with something. I screamed back, and he leaned over and screamed even louder, right in my face through his helmet. I wasn’t hurting or scared anymore, just angry. I was pissed, and I didn’t want to be stuck there anymore, so I got myself free the only way I could. He stood there quietly as I chewed through my leg, and I was totally lucky the thing had broken my bones so easy because those would have been a lot harder. I was free, and I crawled away, and another thing came up out of the ground, and for just a second we looked at each other silently. He tilted his head slightly, like he was saying “Girl, I never said it’d would be easy and stuff” or something, and then I passed out in my dream, which meant I woke up to puke again. Totally weird.

Lucky I get better really fast when I do get sick, because two days of that would have sucked. I still felt like crap, but I was good enough to pack all my stuff up, and crawled back up the muddy hill and back into town. The rest of the guys had gotten on a boat to go deliver a message about this whole thing in the temple to the local capital, and I was just in time to let some sea sickness get me sick again.

Excuse me, I’ve got to go feed the fish again. Man, I hope my stomach calms down soon.

I hate being sick,

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