Entry #124

(This entry refers to Session Summary 1)

Entry #124 (December 3rd, 2011)

Ugh, I was soooo tired of eating fish. Showing up in Kassen’s Hold, the very first thing Pandora and I did (after talking to the Mayor and stuff) was go to the tavern. No fish or granola, they had noodles! And pork, and eggs, and mead! It was so awesome!

And it was really cool that Pandora and I didn’t have to pay for all that Ramen (or dine and dash like the last few times). The local blacksmith had his apprentice Zantric open up a tab, and nobody’s brought it up again, so I think we’re good. He’s a cool guy even if he thinks he’s an old dwarf or something, because he swings around a big sword and I can respect that.

His buddy Brother Vang is nice, and I like that being around him helps me stay up in battle. Nothing good ever happens when you pass out. He’s a lot less loud about his god than that Meryk guy who showed up while we were out…

Oh, I almost forgot! I got my first direct assignment from my contact in Kassen’s Hold! Some villagers have probably been killed by bandits (Edit – Looks like whatever is was got the bandits too. They probably had it coming), so we’re to help the group of ragtag inexperienced apprentices all not die and junk, and bring back any survivors, and also to take imprints of any culturally valuable inscriptions and stuff we find. Mostly we’ve just found a bunch of stuff about how awesome Kassen was.

Oh, and the coolest part! We’re being led around by a kid named Anselme (he say’s he’s 15 but he’s probably 12 or something) with a LION! His name’s Leone, and I can pat him on the head without him trying to bite me. A wizard came along with Meryk; her name’s Cassandra, and she was pretty nice even if she does a bunch of magic. She treats Anselme all like a mom, it’s pretty funny!

We’ve been inside this cave for about half a day right now, and there’ve been skeletons and ghosts and a bunch of other really creepy critters. Sometimes it’s been hard to hit stuff in this light, but mostly I think I’ve been Effectively Contributing to the Battlefront, like Marcos always told me to. Hopefully tomorrow we can help rescue Zantric’s fiancé, and maybe we’ll find some good wall carvings too.


P.S. Pandora still hasn’t taken off her mask. Maybe she’s really a kobold or a kenku or something? 😉

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