Camp Crazy

(This entry refers to Session Summary 9)

So. We start up and ahead some see a disturbance. I am left to guard the caravan while they go ahead and see what is up. Apparently things did not go too well cause they all came back saying some troll ranger guy with a face cape kicked the crap outta em and ate a pathfinder up the road. They then set fire to the whole shibang. Apparently it was all my fault somehow everyone said. I apologized and we moved on. Best not to argue with em.

While on that watch that night I got an arrow in my chest. Sliding off the wagon, I took the arrow, while in my chest still to brother vangs cart. He chided me for not raising the alarm along with anselme. They said I was trying to act too cool. Hey what can I say guilty as charged… Anyway some note was attached that said sweet dreams. So I went back to my cart and slept all night, despite numbnuts firing arrows into my cart all night. Thank you purring cape. I ward the heroes in the camp’s beds with a warding rune so they are a bit safer before we go on. I pull the arrows out of the cart. Neato.

The rest of the trip to Zantric’s dwarven half elven stronghold was uneventful. We get there. They are preparing for his arrival and the big wedding. Exciting stuff. They greet us with open arms and another large feast is held in our honor. Me, Emma and Anselme get drunk. I cast delay poison which is good in the short term, bad in the long, as I woke up with a doozy later on.
So the ceremony starts, the dwarves all get together in the chapel. The ceremony has just concluded when super stealth orc shouts “greetings from orcus” and a bunch of undead pop up to disrupt the wedding. We dispatch them in good order, but find ourselves wondering how they got in. Turns out that they had sent a good number of men into the first excursion to Tsar which met with failure. I gave zantric a crystal his/her goblet set. Life is good.

The next day we move on. We then descend into the valley of evil itself. Ustalav. The place just has a bad vibe throughout. We get to some evil prison town place. They have a tour. Mainly because there is nothing better to do, we take it. Yes a tour of a prison. A haunted prison. At night. MMMMHMMM. We make sure to buy some candy from a creepy crazy candy store place and get some sugar apocalypse stuff. That cannot be good fer ya. We also put our mark on a Desna tree.
Then it was creepy prison time. What a strange night. We go in and a bunch of crazy dead guys are swinging axes, and acting undead creepy. But we don’t get attacked. At the end of the tour we follow a strange guy who we think is an orcus priest. Turns out to be a henchman for this guy who is dragging souls to their final resting place. Prolly not a nice place either.

And that was all the creep in Ustalav. No vampires. No wolves. They stayed clear of our holy water equipped asses. The troll did kill the hag tho. That was funny. Wonder if she saw that coming… hahahaha! Vang the man did bury her though all proper tho. I wonder if he realizes that her goal was probably to eat his man parts off?

So we get to the camp. We heard a bunch of rumors about it in Ustalav. Angels selling shit. A weird cart guy. All of it true. Yeah angels selling shit. I was scared to go to the red light district. Desna knows what would be for sale there.

We need a camp so we go to this boss’s place. This guy has the right idea. Just sets up shop and declares himself boss of everything and has a new currency setup to his favor. And for some reason all these adventuring groups, angels, demons and monsters all buy in. Who the hell is this guy? I do that and I would get a troll arrow shoved up my ass. Iron bits are used here, not gold. And the exchange rate blows. The buyback is even worse. We get our plot near the outer area because we just are so stunned by the stupidity of it all we get hoodwinked and as we walk out some psycho giant charges out of the desert and attacks!

Now he hit pretty hard, and the whole city sits back and watches. Apparently we have to prove ourselves. Which we did. We don’t kill the giant though. Instead we cuff him and will try to convince him to be cool when he wakes up. Or we kill him.

The druid starts to make an oasis….whew im tired sleepy sleepy time.

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