2 comments on “Session Summary 8: The Journey North, Part I

  1. Is there a chance you have a digital version of those maps? Or can you at least explain how you got them to scale?

    • For most of our tabletop play, one of our players (Anselme) had access to a drafter’s plotter in order to print everything out for the big table. Generally this worked very nicely, though some maps proved more troublesome than others (typically the ones where they were skewed at an unconventional angle or did not follow their own scale needed a lot of adjustments.)

      In the week preceding each session I’d go through and flag likely destinations and he would print them ahead of time–eventually we had most of the maps on hand should they come up.

      There’s unfortunately no easy way to correct scale if an original map betrays it (and frequently they do, despite the best efforts and intentions of the artists behind the maps.) When it comes up, it’s either a big time investment or patient players.

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